Why Buy Insurance from an Independent Insurance Agent

Before exploring the “why” you should buy from an independent agent, you first might ask the question, “Does it really matter?” Yes, it does. Buying insurance isn’t like a trip to the grocery store; your insurance decisions can truly affect your life and your family. Who you buy from is as important as what insurance you purchase.

Independent insurance agents are not tied to one insurance company. Because of this, an independent agent can fulfill your insurance needs through all of life’s stages—renter, homeowner, parent, retiree, etc. An independent agent will provide a customized insurance plan for you.
An independent insurance agent offers one-stop shopping. An independent insurance agent offers many plans through many companies, giving the consumer the potential for the broadest range of coverage at a competitive price. This service is a time-saver in a world where time is a precious resource.
An independent agent will develop a personal relationship with you. Because that agent knows he/she has the resources to satisfy your needs throughout your life, the independent agent takes the time to understand you and your family—your financial goals, your employment plans, etc. And then finds the best insurance coverage and company for your needs.
An independent insurance agent provides personalized claims service. Most insurance companies who employ their own agents separate the sales process from the claim process. However, your independent insurance agent is there for you when you need him/her the most. Your agent can contact the insurance company and get the claim process rolling, help you fill out claim forms, advise you on the progress of your claim and work closely with the insurance company to make sure you get a prompt and fair settlement of a valid claim.
An independent agent lives and works in your community. Where you live does affect the insurance you buy. An independent agent can help you navigate

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